Elliott Smith; Photo: Autumn de Wilde

Though it’s no secret Elliott Smith could be a goofy dude when he wanted to – i.e. his quest for the perfect pratfall – no fake clown tumble could have prepared the world for these unearthed oddities that friend Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) collaborated on with Smith circa Good Will Hunting, dropped out of nowhere on Doughty’s Souncloud page this morning in a trio of processed, four-on-the-floor club-banging demos – “The Record,” “Dogs,” and “Burn (Aah Fuck).

“The Record” is a beastly contortion of the lyrics that would shape “Bottle Up and Explode,” Smith’s angelic croon cut up into disconcerting Four Tet catharsis – “Better kill it now before it gets too late/Don’t hesitate” – except not nearly as organic, “Dogs” a Postal Service hand-clapper that opens with the phrase, “I don’t want to live here with your fucking dog,” and “Burn (Aah Fuck)” is, well, an entire song crafted around Smith saying “ah fuck.”

Should you, like us, still not able to process this information, Doughty shed some light on it over at Pitchfork as a one-offf collaboration the two did while exercising their hip-hop muscles and singing into a giant microphone with ears for receivers shaped like a noggin’ called a Binaural Head:

Binaural Head