In prep for British staccato dance-rock heads, Foals, and their third baby of a record, Holy Fire, come February 12, the band put together a sweet trippy video for second cut “My Number,” with its own mini narrative of sorts, as a luckless fan attempts to get into a gig, but instead finds solstice in three break-dancers by a fire exit. Drugged-out 3-D montages ensue. Bathroom shots get voyeur. People jam. Meanwhile Foals get on with their Cut Copy meets Arctic Monkeys single, with its shimmering guitars and crisp cymbal rides, triple chanting the anti-scenester screed in favor of their “lover’s touch.” But who wins? The in-crowd or the out-crowd?

So people of the city

I don’t need your counsel now

And I don’t need that good advice

“Cause you don’t have my lover’s touch