Broadway Love:

The posthumous Tupac saga continues with news of a musical making it to the main drags of Broadway, scoops AllHipHop. Dubbed “Holler If Ya Hear Me,” three-time Tony Award-stocked director Kenny Leon has been poached to helm the production set to run from April 23-May 11. Teased by Leon back in November during an interview with PBS, the creative disclosed the trust and approval of the late rapper’s mother, Afeni, and his view of Tupac as a “prophet.” Casting is slated to start March 4th in NYC.

Abraham’s Daughter:

Teen neo-Running Man tale The Hunger Games will see its Hollywood adaptation March 23, but the indie-studded soundtrack The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond  is making its rounds with another single from Arcade Fire streaming exclusively today via Entertainment Weekly (or here if their media player is still disabled). Titled “Abraham’s Daughter,” the ominous march-beat cut has harrow and epic written all over it, of which lead AF man Win Butler divulged to Entertainment Weekly: “There’s something in the story of Abraham and Isaac that I think resonates with the themes in the film, like sacrificing children. So we made a weird, alternate-universe version of that, where it’s as if Abraham had a daughter — kind of a metaphor for [Hunger Games character] Katniss.”

Ethical Tickets:

Sticking it to scalpers just got a bit easier with the industry’s latest weapon, the “Ticket Trust,” in which a fan who purchased face value tickets can pay-it-face-value-forward to another fan if they can’t make it to a show, in conjuction with an artist’s “fan club” early ticket releases. So instead of getting stuck with a ticket or turning to Craigslist, one can return the ticket to the “Ticket Trust” to be sold fairly to another fan. Though the current crop of enlistees are slim and confined to the UK as of now, Radiohead and Elbow are a good start. The Association of Independent Festivals and ethical merchandising company Sandbag are to thank (via the BBC).

Bait And Switch:

Unveiling another tune from forthcoming Shins record Port of Morrow (March 20), the James Mercer-nary dropped “Bait and Switch” today, repping Mercer’s native Portland, OR from the get-go, while sticking to rehearsal-type ephemera there on out, somewhere in a Rose City studio space. “I’m just a simple man cursed with an honest heart” croons Mercer towards the end of its 3:21 debut. While the rest is all sorts of playful jangle pop. Check it out on the band’s VEVO channel.