He Xianwei’s poetry splayed on his truck, in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Outside of a Red Simpson tune — who ironically never drove a truck — truck driving has never been viewed as the most poetic or lyrical of careers. Although for the few that have sit behind a big rig as well as behind a mic, the many hours on the road can lead to profound and meaningful meditations on life and the human condition, i.e., Daughn Gibson.

A man in China, He Xianwei, may be following suit. The profundity of the road was too great to keep inside his head — so he published his lyrics and poetry (via newsflare).

Xianwei didn’t opt for a book deal. Instead he took matters into his own hands and gave new significance to the phrase “do-it-yourself” by drawing 30 of his lyrics in small script over every available white space on his work truck.

The footage of this miraculous and audacious feat comes from Chengdu, Sichuan Province and dates to December 5th of last year. Xianwei is documented as saying that he decided to write on his truck because he was always singing and recalling the lines while on the job. His hope is to become as famous and widespread as a Chinese pop song, so that everyone will sing the words.

Although Xianwei should probably start seeking a producer if he’s looking to make it in the pop tunes business, there’s no doubt that his flamboyant display of lyricism has given him a head start on famedom.

See the evidence for yourself and brush up on your Chinese in the video below: