The importance of Nine Inch Nails‘ back catalogue aside, not many a fan are happy with two things: 1.) that forthcoming Hesitation Marks, the band’s eighth project and comeback of sorts – their last being The Slip in 2008 – is dropping via Columbia. And 2.) that “Everything,” the third single from said forthcoming record is an odd little pop nugget wrapped around a sentiment Kelly Clarkson has made a career out of, Reznor cooing that he’s survived everything and he’s found some sense of “home:” [LISTEN]


Of course we all know Reznor 1.) could give two shits what people think of his creative actions – he has an email address set up for that kind of thing – and 2.) that he’s confirmed to SPIN that he’s “not a major label apologist.” However, that still doesn’t take the bite out of this hilarious fan-made video of the industrial-rock innovator riding a unicorn off into the cartoon distance, among other perfect image pairings of how the peoples feel. Which is just bipolar aside first Hesitation… strobe-crunch glory NIN-days tastes, “Came Back Haunted,”  and “Copy of A.” While you think about what kind of beast this record will reveal itself to be, again, Reznor on a unicorn:

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