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Blink-182 swapped guitarists recently in the most immature, dramatic fashion possible, Alkaline Trio‘s Matt Skiba filling in for the forever face of the band, Tom DeLonge, who is citing he’d rather investigate aliens.

Blink is no stranger to immaturity, but prior to their dirty laundry airing, their pubescent ways manifested for good — dick and poop jokes, catchy formulas, and everything else you’d want from a legendary pop-punk group that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

However, part of the turmoil related to Tom DeLonge’s mental state, the 40-year-old frontman, hopped on pain meds a few years back, he called his cosmic-synthy side project’s album “the best music of the last several generations,” among other comically grandiose boasts. Now he’s telling the public that he quit (edited: was fired from) Blink not for Angels & Airwaves, but to investigate those aforementioned ETs out there.

What a lot of outlets are forgetting to mention, is that Enema of the State‘s “Aliens Exist” warned us this would happen. It came out way back in 1999, and was not just some juvenile joke to DeLonge. At the time, DeLonge sung he’s “still a skeptic,” but has enough belief in what he saw that even his “best friend thinks [he’s] just telling lies.” All of it fits into Blink’s greater ‘growing pains’ vibe, until the last line’s specificity raises an eyebrow or two: [LISTEN]

Twelve Majestic lies

For those who never bothered to Google that, the Majestic 12 are an “alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft,” in UFO conspiracy theories. It’s a quick tidbit that’s always stuck out from the rest of the track, planting a seed in the listener’s head that DeLonge’s not just asking ‘what if?’, but rather demanding ‘I know for a fact’.

Believing in aliens doesn’t necessarily make you crazy. In fact, recent science has said that while it’s statistically almost impossible for us to meet aliens even if they do exist, it’s even more unlikely that they haven’t at least existed at some time in history, and will in the future. But pairing that with DeLonge’s opioid-induced, outlandish delusions of grandeur from the last couple years may hint at some Creedlevel paranoia. Even if it doesn’t, Blink’s always been more about traditional, childish themes for pop-punk, so it fits that it’d be time for DeLonge to move on. The new Skiba Blink sounds pretty slick, truth be told; [LISTEN].

Hopefully DeLonge either finds the help he might need, or at least feels more at home in his new close-encounters group Sekret Machines. Or, hopefully he’s just messing with us and can’t decide how long to keep this up. Maybe long enough to start a sci-fi author career? Hell, maybe this is just the first stepping-stone to a Scientology conversion.

God help him if he goes down that route, but damn, that’d be entertaining for all of us. Meanwhile, here’s that song that started it all, the one about “when aliens fly into your butt,” as Captain DeLonge of the Space Cadet Enterprise once prefaced back in 2000 at Sydney’s Big Day Out festival: