In relatively normal news for psych-rock kings The Flaming Lips, having slowed down the production of gummy vaginas and vials of blood as LP accoutrements for a spell, the band has taken some time to record a little pep rally for their stomping grounds’ NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Currently in a playoff run, the Thunder got the ultimate Lip-service, as Wayne Coyne and co. took their swirling Soft Bulletin opening statement “Race for the Prize” and re-penned the lyrics – with a little help from Twitter followers – with awesome bits like “and when they win, we win with them.” Or our favorite: “Thunder came thunderin’, so determined.” The finished song title: “Thunder Up: Race for the Prize.” Maybe not as original as Chicago-area native Eddie Vedder and his Cubs heart-tugging homage “(Someday We’ll Go) All the Way.” But definitely much more rock and roll. And the Thunder have yet to lose it all, as the Cubs continue to do so well. Thunder fan or not, here, what team would you like to see get some hometown musician song love?