We want to call bullshit on this karaoke couple from New Castle, Indiana, but they have over 200 videos of pure boonies Americana that need an artist statement and an exhibition room. They’re calling themselves “Bev-n-Bob style music.” And it appears no lyric or artist is safe from their rudimentary use of Microsoft PowerPoint a/v tricks and downright butchering of pitch and melody. But then again, who are we to judge six clones of Bev each meandering about a green screen in their own awkward jig – awp, one, just tried to do a cartwheel there – turning Carly Rae Jepsen‘s pop-crack summer smash into a chorus of dying cats. Or Bob’s hair-whipping, echo-berating fun with shitty riff-rock from Drowning Pool. Maybe that’s the point? A subversively genius destruction of a critic’s shit list? Or two no-shame small-town Americans hooked on the love of a Japanese phenomenon? We’re open to discourse here: