Contributing “punk vocal” in his infamous Blue Series singles, Nashville’s most rowdy innovating rock figure Jack White and label Third Man Records just announced the May 28 drop of Gen X poster child Beck as its next at-bat. Dig on some snippets of the forthcoming tracks, “I Just Started Hating Some People Today” b/w “Blue Randy” over at the Third Man site. The former’s a good one for Robert Moog’s birthday today, a thick synth pushing its country-stomp wry “saying things that a garbage man wouldn’t say” banter along, while the latter follows suit without the moog, and fits nice and right in Beck’s alt-country leanings of yore, Beck going on about a character named “Randy” who likes to breakdance in food courts. Given match made in Blue Series heaven if you ask us. Third Man goes on to announce that an “extremely limited run of 100 Tri Color 7-inches” will be available at Randy’s Records in Salt Lake City – possible inspiration for the b/w? – in addition to your regular vinyl happenings.