Credit: The xxSo that sweaty influence of all those clubs the British darlings purportedly had a chance to rage at are finally showing the influence Jamie Smith alluded to earlier this year, as a sixth live stateside tour capture of a new tune from The xx‘s anticipated sophomore album Coexist (9.11.12) made its way to the intranets late last night. Quickly surmised on YouTube-land as second-to-last track “Swept Away,” a hedgy digi-drum kick charges the trio’s infamous boy-girl bedroom banter into ominous territory, Romy Madley-Croft poking out a searing guitar fill, lofting one of their most helpless themes yet:

I get swept away
When I think of you
Take me to that place
Your words control my moves

Oliver Sim then chimes in with an equally helpless response before Jamie mission-controls from behind the keys and turns the whole thing into a cymbal-snap studded rave. Dressed in the minimalist bubble of The xx, of course – a couple coming down in a corner, a sweaty glance from across the room, capped with a shadowy final lyric, “I’m so far away yet you feel so near.” What do you think of the rest of the lyrics we’re first piecing together, here?