Live-foreplay being as fun as it has been, as The xx ready their second LP statement Coexist (9.10.12), the budding bedroom pop-darlings released a second official single today dubbed “Chained,” aligning itself with its only former studio mark, “Angels,” that bare, Beach House-y tortured mid-summer anthem, Romy Madley-Croft taking huge strides in vocal tension.

“Chained” on the other hand, is one of few tracks – again, based on what the band has debuted live on tour – that validates beat-maker Jamie Smith’s press tease that Coexist will be rife with the influence of the UK club scene they had a chance to hit after the music world gave the then teenagers a chance to breathe after their critically acclaimed debut, xx. Madley-Croft and Oliver Sim exchange a pillow-side cringe:

I watched you breathe in
And I wished you’d stop
Only for long enough

But then its Smith’s time to shine, turning the heartbeat up a notch, syncopating the angst with a little woodblock cue. Complete with a little dance-floor build-and-charge as Madley-Croft and Sim harmonize on a clenched-fist chorus – “we used to be closer than this” – this ride ends just like love tends to: “Chained” to the past. What do you think of the new cut and lyrics?