In advance of the the Swedish folkie’s forthcoming third album, There’s No Leaving Now (June 12; Dead Oceans), The Tallest Man On Earth, a.k.a Kristian Matsson, dropped all the lyrics of said album, to get your minds ready and all for the sounds. Not a familiar move these days. Though the artist did push a digital single out mid-May via Rolling Stone, the rather rhythmic acoustic howler “1904.” Otherwise, here’s an interesting chance to absorb the backbone of an artist particularly fond of the lyrical process, upon virgin ears. All sorts of questions ensue. What kinds of inflection does a couplet like “I don’t remember where I learned to dive/But I am humble for the rocks when I try” demand? Will there be percussion on “Little Brother,” right around that bit where Matsson asks the character “Why are you drinking again?” Will there be percussion at all, anywhere, for a dude who keeps getting bogged down by Dylan comparisons? Revel in the literary space in the interim and tell us your favorite line. Here’s ours, thus far, from “To Just Grow Away:”

We spent so many nights
Just gathering stones
The silver tears
Old sapphire bones
All the copper leaves
Then dreamt, now true
Look how they find their path
To cut right through
Like a rain, to help a river

Or just enjoy “1904” some more: