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The Royal Belgian Football Association has cut ties with rapper Damso (real name William Kalubi) over the offensive content of his lyrics. He was originally commissioned to pen the official World Cup song, but after an outcry by several organizations, who explained that Damso’s lyrics promoted sexism and violence towards women, the RFSB made the decision to part ways with the Belgian-Congolese artist.

According to BBC News, the Women’s Council of Belgium described Damso’s lyrics as “expressing loathing, abuse and violence towards women to a degree that is quite frankly astonishing.” It also went on to say that “Damso’s promotion to official cheerleader is an endorsement of the sexism he stands for and it’s being latched on to a major sporting event broadcast the world over.”

The RBFA originally said that it would not be “taken hostage” by the controversy, but by Friday it had announced that the two would “mutually” part ways. In an official statement, the organization apologized, saying “We especially wish to expressly apologize to all those who felt offended, discriminated against or diminished in the choice for the artist in question.”

In an interview with Aloha News, Damso defended his position, explaining that his critics did not understand the context of his lyrics. According to the New York Times, he explained that his naysayers were “lazy” and “did not take the time to understand the codes of rap.

Since 2014 Belgium has outlawed any gender-related insults, which prompted Belgium’s minister for equal opportunities to explain in a Facebook post that if Damso were to perform some of his songs in public it would be illegal.

In an official statement, the Belgian soccer association said, “Unfortunately, this implies that there will be no official song for the 2018 World Cup.”