Enamored with their satin-stocking-laced, vaudeville-indie spin on rockabilly, we first fell for New York’s Lily & the Parlour Tricks at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in their native stomping grounds, three women leading a stand-up bass-backboned six-piece band down a dangerously sexy trip through vamp-like teases of poison and murder tales, where women don’t bat a lash, but rather harmonize, at the thought of killing for love:

Don’t call me a killer
I’m a girl who loves a man

Turns out the lovely twisted brain belongs to Lily Clair, the Jenny Lewis-esque pipe at the penning forefront of those harmonies, who tells us not creepy at all things like, “I research sociopaths and psychopaths, murderers and the people who love them. There’s nothing more frightening than a person who calmly and rationally does something completely immoral.” So goes the inspiration for the homicidal song and just-dropped, music video for “Murder Song:”

When the voices kill your idols

When the voices they should die

Take a moment

Take a while

And consider asking why

But as a budding LYRICIST, Clair and the Tricks, with only a six song EP to their name thus far, manage to hit hard again with a pop muscle that gives their Parlour shtick a second wind, Clair always lacing a lipstick-smack charm on dark-comedy cruisers like “Little Angel,” Clair following a skuzzy-bright Strokes guitar riff tisking “Do you know my name?/It rolled right off your tongue; what a dirty shame,” that make a laundry inspiration list of dude lyricists from Rufus Wainwright to Johnny Mercer make a whole lot more sense.

When asked about another ukelele-stark contrast tune “Darwin Song,” Clair kind of tied a neat little bow around the sing-song reasons we can’t wait for a full-length LP: “I’m fascinated by Darwinism and survival of the fittest. Why are some people ‘fit’ and others not? When people behave a certain way, keep repeating certain mistakes over and over rather than adapting and moving forward – what is that?  We’re all made of the same fundamental parts; muscles, bones, blood. But we behave so differently.”