Photo: Live Auctioneers

Not of the Norwegian kind, John Lennon‘s infamous jab at his waning opinion of The Beatles‘ meditational guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, eventually recorded as “Sexie Sadie” for The White Album, was at one point scribed on a piece of wood at Apple studios. Said piece of wood, “probably from a cherry, or other fruit tree,” harbored by Ringo Starr‘s first wife, Maureen Starkey, for years, followed by a private collector, is headed to auction at London’s Fame Bureau come September 23, reports The Times.

The piece of wood up for auction begins with the verse, “Maharishi what have you done, you’ve made a fool of everyone.” But there were 21 different conceptions of the song, as Lennon tried to properly express his disdain for Maharishi on account of a rumor one of his friends, Alexis Mardas, started about Maharishi hitting on one of the female meditators in The Beatles’ transcendental India crew in 1968. One of those verses that didn’t make it to wood is particularly acerbic, if not hilarious:

You little twat
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Oh, you cunt

So hilarious Fame Bureau auction house rep, Ted Owen, is saying “It is a piece of wood that nearly broke up” the band, much to the chagrin of George Harrison and his respect for Maharishi, and expects it to fetch upwards of £150,000. But of course we all know songs and pieces of wood can’t break up bands. Only Yokos can do that: