Imagine sitting back after chowing down on a delicious meal from your favorite Chinese take-out restaurant, patting your belly in satisfaction and cracking open a fortune cookie to top it all off– when you discover that your own lyrics have made their way to the little white sheet inside.

This is the situation that Las Vegas rockers The Killers found themselves in, when they found the words “SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT,” printed inside of a fortune cookie. The fortune, which can be traced back to various origins, is from the band’s 2004 hit song “Smile Like You Mean It” from their wildly popular album Hot Fuss.

The Killers took the surprise with a grain of salt. Rather than pursuing a vicious lawsuit for millions of dollars like some musical acts have done recently, they logged on to Twitter where they made the same demand many of us have dreamed about: Orange Chicken for life.

In a hilarious turn of events, many other Twitter users have been using the event to springboard comments of their own. The official Twitter account of @midnight, a Comedy Central game show hosted by Chris Hardwick, photoshopped the image posted by The Killers to insert other popular lyrics from other artists including Smash Mouth, Beyonce and Barenaked Ladies.

The Killers’ album Hot Fuss has been eagerly awaiting a vinyl reissue that is slated for January 13. Watch the video for “Smile Like You Mean It” below and read the lyrics here.