Sir Paul makes like a pop knight and humbles the scenes of his life on some of the biggest stages in the world, a Glee star puts words where they belong – over boobies – an emo lipstick PSA and more, as the Best Lyric Vids of the Week turns 38 for the year.

Paul McCartney – ‘New

It’s good to be Paul McCartney. That’s certainly nothing ‘new’. And though it seems as though this epic stream of life in the current tour sched of Mac is meant to gloat, if you keep your eyes on the lyric prize, scrolling across like signatures, you’ll pick up on his supreme modesty in reinventing himself:

Don’t look at me
It’s way too soon to see
What’s gonna be
Don’t look at me

Naya Rivera – ‘Sorry

Glee protégé gets tastefully sexy with this projection silhouette booby tease of her new major label jam about a women who’s not sorry about baggin’ her favorite dude. Boobies. ‘Tude. Seductive text. Big Sean attempting his best Rick James parody. Everybody wins:

I don’t know shit about it
But I know you mad about it
He loves the way I put it down
Starstruck on what he found

Eric J – ‘Ella Se Me Fue

Puerto Rican pop hopeful keeps it simple with this sweet little comic book strip of a tale that goes to show all those stick figure drawings you materialized as a kid can also get the girl (or dude). That applies to chicken-scratch, handwritten lyrics, as well. Unfortunately, you must also now how to dance well, though:

No tube tiempo pa recordarte
Que me fui bailando

Keira LaShae – ‘Drunk Love

No idea where this liquid courage sex thug came from, but it sounds and looks like she stole Chief Keef‘s Casio, and continued a poem she found in a trapper keeper from freshman year of high school, complete with an updated selfie:

Ooh ya got me faded
I’m so gone like
White boy wasted

Mayday Parade – ‘Girls

Ah, nothing like emo with a positive outlook on a healthy understanding of a young woman’s body image. Supporting the Cosmo vibe are sentiments written in faux red lipstick. But it doesn’t matter in the end, ’cause girls never listen, apparently:

It’s time that we had some fun
We’re not 21
‘Cause girls never listen