Richard Simmons thinks way, way outside the proverbial box with the gayest videogame-themed push the internet has ever seen, Perry Farrell creeps people out per usual, with a riff on the world of online dating, The Fratellis let the cartoon film reels roll on a new single, and more, in just another week in the glory of the year’s best lyric video unveilings.

Jane’s Addiction – ‘Another Soulmate

LA’s most rabble-rousing AOR pillar teases a new Perry Farrell lofted jam in support of their upcoming “Jane’s ‘n Chains” tour (Alice in Chains + Jane’s Addiction) with an envisioning of how creeped out the world would be with the band’s finest navigating the world of online dating and a disporpotinate amount of soulmates in the world. Shit gets weird, in a good way, despite some seriously disturbing and juvenile poetry. But perhaps that’s the point:

What she got that I ain’t got?
I tell you she’s so hot
My soulmate makes me shoot my shot

Chris T-T and The Hoodrats – ‘The Bear

Triple Brighton-based writer/musician/activist threat, Chris T-T pairs this Johnny Rotten-meets-Paul McCartney socio-political punk froth with escalators and a blown out font. Simple, gritty, “gumption,” we can dig it:

You want to lead the people
But you bleed the people
We believe the people
We the people
Will free the people

The Fratellis – ‘Seven Nights Seven Days

Tired of writing songs high class hookers, Scotland’s resident garage-rock revival export unveils a bittersweet pop handclap bounce of a down and out realist tale of dreams and all the futures they don’t hold. Still, there’s a pervading hope in it all, emphasized oddly with cartoon film reels for some reason. Fits the new album art, we suppose:

Show me the way, brother
Give me a sign sister
I’m not the only one who’s waiting to be born

I see the day coming
I see the time running out
I see all of my dreams ragged and torn

Korn – ‘Never Never

Nu metal freaks on a leash return with a tripped-out professing that they’re “never gonna love again,” still slapping around that aqua bass effect and dropping seriously inventive vids, a la this trapped-in-a-kaleidoscope from hell mind-warp. Not as cool as pre-Matrix bullet tricks, but effective nonetheless:

And I never wanna clarify
And justify
So I run and hide
And I never wanna signify
So I pacify
All the hate inside

Richard Simmons – ‘Hair Do

We’d like to say we’re not surprised that Richard Simmons just made the gayest thing the internet could possibly handle, but – we’re totally still surprised how gay this is. It’s like “What, What (In the Butt)” with the cheapest Casio available and sassy hair metaphors. That said, as an 8-bit video game concept, 65-year-old Simmons wins, most definitely thinking outside the box:

Spiked , duck tail or a bubble
Choose a do that will get you in trouble
Beehive, braid or some dreadlocks
Go ahead, think out of the box