LL Cool J attempts to validate just what is still ‘cool’ about him, Tinie Tempah manages to keep a ‘trampoline’ out of his video, Foreigner slap everyone around with the simplest video around and more, as we roll out the 28th week in what the kids are up to these days amongst the combination of words and pictures.

Tinie Tempah – ‘Trampoline

British Diplo-produced hype gets his jump on with this silver-screen contrast attack of strobing “trampoline” nonsense. Of course 2 Chainz joins in on the squawking of things only important to the mindless club set. They look really ominous and cool, though:

First of all I’m swagging
Two girls with me so I’m bragging
So much money in my pocket
My pants might be sagging

Mack Wilds – ‘Own It

So go the crooning exploits of New York: A Love Story, that makes up for what it lacks in verse and chorus substance with steamy seduction of silhouettes, time-lapse city graces and lyrics that don’t intrude too much on the spectacle:

I’m young right now
But I won’t be forever
So I’mma live it up like that’s true
You might wanna roll with me too

LL Cool J – ‘Not Leaving You Tonight

Give it up LL, you have lost the right to put ‘cool’ in your name. If you’re gonna tough guy posture, at least layer some more Eddie Van Halen shred up in this joint. Maybe then this whole two-bit CSI vibe wouldn’t be so overtly cheesy:

Turn your back on it and the sun still shines
Grapes get old and they turn into wine
The deeper the roots the stronger the vines
These lines on my face is a sign of the times

Shreddy Krueger – ‘Violence

They are called Shreddy Krueger. Enough said. Though if you need more – behold the power of a grating throat and block letters strewn across the cosmos with animated bullets flying across things intermittently, and a protagonist that’s not abusive, no, he’s:

No he’s not abusive
Just ultra violent with his eyes

Foreigner – ‘Jukebox Hero

Team Foreigner eyes the lyric video wave with a no-nonsense karaoke-esque flash of for-those-about-to-rock lyrics, 32 years after its inception. Ace move, dudes, once a jukebox hero, always a jukebox hero:

That one guitar felt good in his hands
Didn’t take long to understand