On sentiment alone, basically, we’re curating the ultimate ‘grab life by the short and curlies’ playlist with the 26th week here in the Best Lyric Vids the internets has to offer, what with Fatboy Slim‘s homage to rave culture’s finest still roaming Brooklyn lands, another flamed-out Kiss montage, ska heroes Madness‘ getting their British ‘bright side of life’ on and so forth. But of course, each and every one doubles down on their text merits in ways we’re jealous of. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.

Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr – ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

For those still not convinced of Fatboy Slim’s lasting cultural relevance, exhibit this archival jam of a found club warrior’s tale while digging through record crates in Brooklyn, chopped and set to a comical rave journey of some pretty slick beat proportions, studded perfectly with this hard hitting black and white text assault:

So I went into this diner and I ordered some food
And suddenly it was tomorrow
And then tomorrow was today
And then I found this club

Washed Out – ‘Don’t Give Up

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so it seems with the second single from Washed Out’s latest, Paracosm, in which a similar flower backdrop punctuates a tale about love wrestling with the thought of being lost, its “don’t give up” chorus rolling across the screen like a gatorade ad:

Even though that we’re far apart
We’ve come so close
And it feels so right
Don’t give up

Toby Keith – ‘Drinks After Work

The best part about this work-hard, play-hard country archetype is that “talk on the phone, stare at the screen” is a co-miserable experience. Flashy and in the future we may be, there will always be Toby Keith to soundtrack some sort of dust being kicked up, weather from a pick-up truck or an office chair. And of course this stock montage of dudes and gals getting their drink on:

Talk on the phone, stare at the screen
Doing the job, living the dream
Gettin’ paid, yeah right

Kiss – ‘Right Here Right Now

Preceding fellow baby-boomer crew, Madness’ cheer-up push, should ska not do the trick for you, Kiss are still making records, still wearing ridiculous amounts of clown paint and still trying to be rock stars with this otherwise positive message of yet again, taking life by the short and curlies. Cue the neon-glow and pyro-technics:

Right here right now
Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s always in doubt
Right here right now
The only time that matters anyhow

Madness – ‘Misery

A ska parable for the miserable set, taken from the storied British crew’s 10th record, Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da, not a bad way to turn a frown upside down with this meandering sad-sack cartoon eventually, when he stops shoe-gazing, seeing its protagonist recognizing the bright side of life as sentiments jump around him in a lively manner:

Give yourself a chance to make a new start
Try to focus on your health and your heart
Accept the present and let go of your past