The return of the B-roll footage assault, Rob Zombie‘s creepy ‘Murrican take on growing up Grand Funk, the concert footage ego-stroke of a man named John Mayer and more, as bands continue to surprise us with the ways in which they want to cinematically represent their lyrics.

Divine Fits – ‘Ain’t That the Way

Rock’s most presently rad supergroup pairs the oft-B-roll footage angle beautifully in this adolescent struggle of a battle with misfit hostility, rocks thrown at windows, disapproving parent scowls and all:

I got a few good ideas
Now how do I use them
Before I stand accused

Rob Zombie – ‘We’re an American Band

Still deciphering the portraits of kids, this Grand Funk Railroad classic from Zombie’s just-dropped Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor is entertaining, if you dig animations of theatre stages and swirling ‘Murrica typography. Cover’s not bad, either, his throaty growl kept in third gear. But what’s up with the kids, man? Are they suppose to be you, Rob? 

We’re an American band
We’re coming to your town
We’ll help you party it down
We’re an American band

Sting – ‘Practical Arrangement

King adult-contemporary brooder teases a somber ballad from his first new record in a decade, The Last Ship (September 24), kickstarted with a rather boring credit-roll feel of a lyric video for an otherwise heartbreakingly all-business tune about a fleeting heart and a relationship that has yet to start:

I’m not promising the moon
I’m not promising a rainbow
Just a practical solution
To a solitary life

John Mayer – ‘Wildfire

Mayer ditches the ‘Prancercize‘ shtick – which was actually quite clever – for his sensitive dude forte, in this homage to summer replete with all the ego-stroking concert footage of the man a teenage girl could have a heart-attack over:

Tonight the moon’s so bright you could drive with your headlights out
‘Cause a little bit of summer’s what the whole year’s all about

Summer Camp – ‘Fresh

Like the Divine Fits and many bands before them, British indie-pop swoonsters go en vogue with the B-roll footage of failed cartoons and Hollywood cast-asides to narrate a tale of sweet, first “fairytale” love. And as with many bands before them, it works quite seamlessly:

Cherish the past
You told me to keep what we had safe
Make it last
Even though I knew you’d be a million miles away