All’s summer breeze, flowers and clouds until Nicki Minaj jiggles her way on to the scene to “do a singin’ bitch greasy” and “gun butt” people. But so go the drawbacks of the heat, as we inch on to Vol. 24, of 2013’s best marriage of sound and text. Who knows, maybe you can share with us how one does a singin’ bitch greasy when you’re through.

Washed Out – ‘It All Feels Right

A companion piece to 2009’s summer jammy jam, “Feel It All Around,” as usurped by the city that young people go to retire,  Ernest Greene goes for easy, breezy gold again with this kaleidoscopic de-flowering of the season’s first blooming of that beautifully inexplicable sentiment of “the feeling when it all works out,” that just wouldn’t be the same without this rose-colored vid:

Call your friends, I’ll call mine
We’ll head out for a long ride
Sun is coming out now
It all feels right

The Polyphonic Spree – ‘You Don’t Know Me

Another effective use of the Hollywood b-roll footage from an unspecified frightening clown kids film probably meant to teach a lesson about bullying, but in this case is used to credit-splay a message about keeping your head up high, consequently casting an entertaining light on these horrifying children form a bygone era in face-paint:

Keep yourself high
Don’t keep yourself low
It’s easy to forget what you came here for when you get old

Jack Johnson – ‘I Got You

Whirling across a time-lapse shot of various layers of clouds one would encounter on an over-water plane ride, the King of Surfer Folk disseminates on the shaky weather that comes with that special someone being worth it for the glory of merely having that special someone, as some handwritten sentiments punctuate the cirrus and the cumulous. Quite charming, that Jack:

I got you
I got everything
I’ve got you
I don’t need nothing more than you
I got everything
I’ve got you

Dawes – ‘From the Right Angle

Laurel Canyon hopefuls gather ’round the fire and attempt to channel Americana everlasting with a move about a girl, hesitating, and thus probably dropping the ball, but nevertheless splay a cinematic setting here with a simple, but striking sense of movement with flames, aside an old thin, gothic font:

From the right angle, in the right light
I might seem like I could take care of you
For a brief moment, for a few nights
Until the changing world has tumbled back into view

Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj – ‘I’m Out

Despite Minaj’s brat-trash stab at some variation of post-breakup feminist empowerment, and Ciara’s disappointing backseat, this video is pretty damn intoxicating, with its typographic narration of the proverbial lady’s night. Every 15 seconds there’s another golden t-shirt opportunity:

Man fuck you and your lady
Gun butt you ’cause you shady
Now which bitch want it
‘Cause that bitch get it