From thug grammar instructions to new visions of summertime teenage dreams, widen those eyeballs, as the words splay across your screen in week 22, of the year’s best convergence of lyric and video. Shamu. Semicolon. What?

The Lonely Island – ‘Semicolon

As much as we’d like to see the bastard SNL children of some odd Weird Al universe live and in the flesh thug rap about semicolons, this comic bookish text version is simply a good design choice. Check yourself, grammar ganstas:

Get ready for a whale of a time


My whole team coming clean



2 Chainz – ‘We Own It (Fast & Furious)’

No curved hip shots, flipping cars or puffed-chest Vin Diesel montages make for a dull Fast & Furious 6 – yes, they have mad f-ing six of these damn things – promo. Why make a lyric video at all if you’re going to cheapen it to a computer simulation like so that Rad Racer has a leg up on? Ah, never mind, we forgot about the 2 Chainz verses:

Money’s the motivation, money’s the conversation
You on vacation, We gettin paid so
We on paycation, I did it for the fam
It’s whatever we had to do, it’s just who I am

The Fung Brothers – “Backseat Freestyle

Back to comedy. Our first encounter with these Cali-based Chinese sketch rappers. At times calling themselves “Model Minority,” here we see another simple graphic setup aimed at accentuating some entertaining spins on Kendrick Lamar‘s slow-rollin’ jam, “Backseat Freestyle,” in which no stereotype is not roasted. Mission accomplished, dudes:

Yeah we packed our Honda
Said goodbye to momma
Tears like a Korean drama
That’s two votes for Obama

Black Veil Brides – ‘Revelation

Why is there a shot of a Manhattan skyline preceding a Hollywood record shop scene? Otherwise, pretty sweet job combining both our loves, vinyl and lyrics, in one shot. Now what ‘revelation’ are y’all Megadeth-ing on about?

We are
We are the Revelation
So scream it out loud
We are
We are the birth of a Nation

Megan Nicole – ‘Summer Forever‘ 

Twee time. Summer’s almost here. Katy Perry‘s teenage dreams in their skintight jeans have faded. Here’s your saccharine, top-down hook and brand new sun-kissed sentiment to bob your head to in your Honda Accord. Color your eyes ocean blue; the palm trees’ll make ya feel good, too:

Phone rings, you’re parked outside
Hair’s up, my Chuck’s are tied
You got a place in mind
But I say let’s improvise