Mid-century b-roll footage, videogame promos, sunburnt sketchbook journeys and more as we encounter another week of new ways to drop a verse and song on your eyeballs in live real text time. Watch out for Shooter Jennings, he’s a “motherfucking gunslinging.” And also, don’t miss an opportunity to “walk around like a skeleton,” of course.

The Front Bottoms – ‘Skeleton

Laced around an oddly amusing deep 60s attempt at a kooky Turkish thriller called Kilink Soy Ve Oldur – translation: Kilink Strip And Kill – Jersey freewheelin’ folk-punksters The Front Bottoms have some fun with their equally oddly amusing tune about getting too high, feeling lonely and sleeping in the front seats of cars. To borrow the song’s vernacular – the scrolling chunky verses feel fucked, but in a good way, as you root for this man in a skeleton suit:

And I got so stoned
I fell asleep in the front seat
I never sleep in the front seat
I’m too tall
But I got so stoned

Shooter Jennings – ‘The Gunslinger

Lil’ Waylon‘s getting feisty. Don’t mess with the dude, or call him an outlaw. Why are little kids getting shot? And why does everyone love mid-century b-roll footage so much? All said, the country rough rider theme fits the vid block lettering trick, so Shooter, consider yourself not messed with:

Don’t call me an outlaw
I’m a mother fucking gunslinger
You want to run your mouth all day long
You’d better keep your eyes on my motherfuckin’ trigger finger

Nico Vega – ‘Beast

Here’s a new one, to Best Lyric Vids at least – a videogame hybrid drawn from sludgy psych-blues crew Nico Vega’s 2009 gem, “Beast.” Not only that, but it’s a volatile political statement the same, cut with footage of renegade videogame Bioshock Infinite, and skewering text that pops out of TV screens. Not too shabby ING, or whoever put this together in a non-nerdy way:

Stand tall for the beast of America
Lay down like a naked dead body
Keep it real for the people working overtime
They can’t stay living off the government’s dime

Thirty Seconds to Mars – ‘The Race

Cut with repurposed space footage from Jordan Catalano and crew’s first epic single, “Up in the Air,” and consecutive number, “Conquistador,” with some added HD animal footage of cheetahs and hawks and wolves and such, some equally spacious text takes over your eyeballs to basically make a tale about love’s painful side as cinematic as possible, which is fitting for such an overreaching, tired cinematic band with the emotional depth of a junior highschooler:

Love is a dangerous game to play
Hearts are made for breaking and for pain

John Fogerty – ‘Mystic Highway

Leading the storied Creedence heart’s 9th forthcoming solo effort, Wrote a Song For Everyone, John Fogerty (May 29), reveals this invigorating, western-loving, horseshoe-splayed stop-motion sketch, narrating a sunburnt road-lovin’ tale that negates everything his peers, The Band, tried to preach with The Last Waltz. To hate the road or to love the road, that is the rocking man’s question:

This old road has been my lifeline,
My companion and my friend
Like a rope around the universe,
Ain’t no beginning ain’t no end