Dancing girls that may or may not be a porn plug, the return of 90s alt-rock heroes, Filter, and the twisted nightmare of a narrative as written on the walls of a bathroom, the second return of Jordan Catalano in all his cinematic footage glory and more, as we venture off into yet another week in this year’s finest digital cut and paste corral of lyric and video.

Filter – ‘What Do You Say

The “Hey Man Nice Shot” boys keep on keepin’ on with this lead single from their sixth effort, The Sun Comes Out Tonight, tapping the same type of loud-quiet energy all the kids were into back in the 90s, paired with this stellar montage that has some clever fun with what a lyric video can do, paranoia-wise, following a first-person bathroom trap as our protagonist mines walls and toilet paper for verse clues, culminating in what else – a villain in a balaclava:

Nothing is so special
Because they’re just chemicals in our mind
Hey hey, what do you say
It doesn’t really matter ’cause it’s all the same

B.o.B – ‘Headband

Maybe not nearly as polished and as entertainingly offensive as last week’s “Whore” blowjob storyline, and quite probably not an official production from the B.o.B. camp – Elegant Angel is a porn site – this thong workout party with B-rate 2 Chainz text overlay, cheesy ass “ding-a-ling” line and all, was just too special not to include. Demean on boys, demean on:

Her ass would knock your ass out, you better stick and move
Chain hang to my ding-a-ling
Chain hang, chain hang to my ding-a-ling
To do a threesome you gotta intervene
Her legs so sexy when I’m in-between

NK – ‘Shoulder Gorilla

A strangely appealing beastly hybrid project from members of Envy on the Coast, The Rivalry and The Dillinger Escape Plan comes this first military soul thrash hip-hop gnar attack about, well, we can’t quite figure it out. Something about pain and cartwheels and rings of fire. We would like to know who the “original milk spiller” is though, and also if he/she is the same person who chose the kids plastic letter splay, ’cause for some reason, it all fits together:

Original milk spiller
Moment in time
Blank repetition
Culture cult vanilla
My shoulder gorilla

Thirty Seconds to Mars – ‘Conquistador

How Jared Leto’s pet rockstar project could top a song launched into space, laced with exclusive footage of Earth is not envisioned in this second single from Love, Lust, Faith and DreamsThough it’s not without its cinematic ambitions, drawing together on land visions of the northern lights, tornadoes and clouds to narrate a fight to the death of some emo-esque breed. Say a prayer, Jordan Catalano rises again:

This is a fight for our love, lust, hate, desire
We are the children of the great empire
We will rise again

Mister Chase – ‘Sippin’ Tea

Otherwise known as the gay pop-parody act with a heart for the deaf community, garnering millions of views with Robyn and Lady Gaga sign-langage montages, Mister Chase makes original tuneage, as well, like exhibit a.) an odd little number with the faux-erotica appeal of a “What What (In the Butt)” viral anomaly, going on about an adventurous night at the dude Roxbury in which guys get crazy with their pinky-out shots. No sign language, but lots of neon text assaults and ridiculous dancing:

Wanna party with me?
Wanna party with my posse?
There’s something you need to do for me
Just close your eyes
Open your mouth
And tip it back
And go crazy!