Spring has mother-f-ing sprung, y’all. The Snoop Lion formerly known as Dogg is ringing up Miley Cyrus to fill up ashtrays, Sigur Rós is corralling sandpeople friends to melt icebergs, ‘whores’, they’re coming out of the woodwork – ! –  and more in this flowering week the 17th in entirely invigorating new mashings of lyric and image.

Rehab – ‘Whore

Derogatory, misogynistic, demeaning and thoroughly entertaining, this southern rap-rock guffaw has to be the most offensively creative use of text and sex. Then again, how can you express empathy for a whore? Also, you see Snoop, no matter how cool your lion roar may be, your ‘G code‘ legacy will forever haunt you:

We wasn’t suppose to love them hoes according to snoop
I didn’t want to break the ‘G’ code and be a buster
I moved on to the next bitch and didn’t trust her

Fuck you bitch, you dirty fucking whore

Snoop Lion – ‘Ashtrays & Heartbreaks

Speaking of Snoop, the born-again Rastafarian, took one of his most morally absurd, cool-dad tracks with a Miley Cyrus assist on the recently dropped Reincarnated, and colored it doobie-haze harsh, with a kind of ghostly, time-lapse memory effect, while Cyrus’ attempt at adult heartache gets a handwritten fade-in-and-out treatment where a sunbeam would normally go in a classic bedroom lover scene. We call this the ‘shitty song, dope video’ approach:

Ashtrays and heartbreaks
I lost some, and since when
So raise a glass to the memories and set ’em free
And fill up all the ashtrays
Fill up all the ashtrays

Parralox – ‘Silent Morning’

A remake of Noel‘s gleaming 80s nightclub jam of the same name, Melbourne’s Parralox up the blip-bloop punch on the classic for a new dance-floor era, and offer this rainbow-studded comic book strip of uber-clean animations that is kind of all over the place from little drummer boys to luxury car hood-ornamant pans, lyrics cutting like digital knives, but in the end has us nostalgic for the angular bygone era, and how ‘whispers’ must have felt from a girl with shoulder pads. So success, Parralox, keep on, keepin’ on:

Welcome whispers
Make me warm inside
Makes me feel alive

Sigur Rós – ‘Ísjaki

What these gas-mask-esque sandpeople cryptically flickering about in the background have to do with a song called ‘iceberg‘ is beyond us, even when laced around its tenuous relationship metaphors, but it’s par for Sigur Rós cinematic course while marking the first instance the band has released a lyric video, and possibly the first time a song of theirs contains solely icelandic and not their infamous made-up language called ‘Hopelandic’. Decipher at will:


Pú segir aldrei neitt
Pú ert ísjaki
Pú ert ísilagour
Pú pegir punnu hljóoi
Og felur pig bakvio

Clara C – ‘Wanting What I Need’

Cali indie-pop protege Clara Chung made a few YouTube waves with contests and jazzy Macklmore covers, but this is a gem from her latest record, esc., brought to stunning concrete jungle life, as a handheld camera feel takes viewers on a journey through a tactile city adventure, where Chung’s lyrics dance around post-bills, sidewalks and buildings like a Google Glass ad. Be free double C:

This time I’m gonna break out and be free
Stop needing what I want
And start wanting what I need