Avril Lavigne sings Radiohead and becomes Ke$ha with the most animated scrapbook sing-along ever, the Deftones ride again, Dispatch prove words, not money, fall from trees and more in this week’s edition of the best our world’s music hearts wish to convey lyric and video.

Deftones – ‘Swerve City‘ 

Gotta love Warner Music and its back-catalogue of b-list westerns to ape for use in aging alt-rockers’ attempts at a comeback. Really, you must love it. It works well, for those swathy metal gnar choruses we all fell in love with in the late-90s. Especially on a jam called “Swerve CIty” about a heroine who breaks her metaphorical horses:

She breaks her horses
With strange distant voices
That travel through the air

City and Colour – ‘Thirst’ 

Though it’s coming from a genuinely creative space, dudes, this looks like it was created with an iPhoto theme. Not to mention the all-seeing collage eye, roaming around polaroids and captions is played out. And photos of bands in the studio are lame. However, you’ve spun a clever pop turn-of-phrase here that we supremely dig:

A half-hearted wish for something better
Gracefully cursed, I thirst

We Came as Romans – ‘The King of Silence‘ 

No one is born the king of silence, they say, as a stock disaffected kid wanders the concrete jungle with a permanent Keanu Reeves one-yard stare, and then, when tired of splaying text up near rooftops and sidewalks, one is met with the horrifying image of other disaffected youths with their mouths sewn shut. Digest at will:

This world is filled with selfishness
Violence and chaos created from it

Avril Lavigne – ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up‘ 

When did Avril Lavigne become Ke$ha? Dancin’ on bars, not giving a fuck, gettin’ drunk – we mean, gettin’ in trucks (see radio edit) – never growing up, this song is the enemy of the raisers of young God-fearing minds. The video on the other hand, is the stuff of scrapbook crack for youthful nostalgia. So, mission accomplished, Ms. Lavigne, we suppose, you Radiohead-loving peach:

They say just grow up but they don’t know us
We don’t give a fuck
And we’re never gonna change

Dispatch – ‘Get Ready Boy

The Stateside grandfathers of Mumford keep pushin’ on with a milkweed-view of all that’s sweet and angst-ridden in this banjo-clad world, complete with a bola-attacked bird’s view of an animated tree, which actually, is kind of entertaining, following around falling leaves and branches:

Silver sun I feel your love
Very soon we will ride
So get ready boy
‘Cause here I go