A former porn star makes sex chat lyric art with Childish Gambino, an Irish teenage YouTube cover sensation strikes out with her own EP and a bevy of fan-made art 20-year vets would be jealous of, Lenny Kravitz proves just that with more cute kids than YouTube can handle and more, as we draw out the last few shakes of the week’s Best Lyric Vids, volume 50 of 2013.

Childish Gambino – ‘3005’ 

Paralleling his 75-page screenplay for the interwebs freak-out commentary that is Because The Internet, Gambino gets more clarity longevity out of this sex-chat video, in which a once porn star does what she does best and teases the lyrics out of Gambino’s head with a little T&A. It’s kind of brilliantly voyeur, really:


Orla Gartland – ‘HUMAN’ 

18-year-old Dublin YouTube cover starlet showcases her first EP with a slideshow of hand-drawn illustrations of all kinds from her legions of ‘Tube fans in the millions, befitting of both her twee Imogen Heap lean and the homo-sapien titled track. No need to wish, Orla, you got this human thing on lockdown:


Lenny Kravitz – ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ 

‘Nother fan-made push, Kravitz and PR co. light the candles on the 20th year anniversary of Are You Gonna Go My Way with a mosaic of Instagram hashtag approved – #lennygomyway – images and vids for the flange tornado title track. Things get adorable really quick. Which is kind of strange for such a track trying its hardest to be rock n’ roll. Then again, community is king, and all of Kravitz’ fans with kids win all day:

"Are You Gonna Go My Way"

Sebastian Castro – ‘Baboy’ 

‘Baboy’ Filipino slang for pig, Castro gets venomous here with a club-banging political backhand directed at all the suits of his native land involved in the “biggest political Philippine scandal ever,” he claims, the Pork Barrel Scandal, in which “10 billion peso[s]” of public funds were misused. Compounded with the Malampaya Fund Scandal and images of the destruction of the typhoon that just hit this fall, lots of poignant messages hitting clean and hard, taking the high road eventually with a call for “peace” (kapayapaan):


Tokyo Police Club – ‘Argentina (Parts I, II, III)

Dropping the first tease of the garage-door kicking power pop crew’s third TBD effort, Tokyo Police Club get VHS wily with control room-esque footage of the moon landing and old-school MTV vids as the nine-minute love jam unfolds in three lovely static-text parts. Keep it supremely up, dudes:

"Argentina (Parts I, II, III)"