Bruce has “High Hopes” that you’ll enjoy his ink-splattered blue collar sepia heart-tug, Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør take us for a midnight, concrete lyric-whipping ride, Christafari lace a little dub in the tale of Baby Jesus and more, as Best Lyric Vids of the Week pushes on into its final month of the year and Holiday lyric vids will red, green and jingle bell us to death.

Bruce Springsteen – ‘High Hopes

The greatest BOSS song that the BOSS did not pen gets cut like an early 90s R.E.M. video awash in sepia and ink-splattered text, to give the proper grit to the tale of blue collar jade. Perhaps not as original as Team Springsteen could have gone, but nevertheless fits the common-man adversity vibe he’s cornered since the advent of the E Street Band:

"High Hopes"

Röyksopp – ‘Running to the Sea

How has someone not cut a whipping road video yet? Simple, careening wander paired perfectly with the palpitating EDM of Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør‘s siren yearn, despite the sea metaphors, this is the stuff of memorable midnight rides in the most unadorned ways:

"Running to the Sea"

Gavin DeGraw – ‘Make a Move

The title track from DeGraw’s latest hedges all its bets on a girl he’s so smitten with that he can’t even turn a phrase to explain, while Sony foots the bill on an animation worthy of a Nickelodeon credit the way of cutesy teen courtship and lyrics that shoot the moon, literally:

"Make a Move"

Christafari – ‘Silent Night/Come & Worship

It saddens us a bit that we’ve evaded Mark Mohr’s born-again Christian-Rastafari hybrid since 1990. So goes another one of the myriad ways in which modern music can be co-opted by organized religion, here taking hilarious slow-roll stride with a recreation of the night Baby Jesus may haven been born, and setting some dub-be-with-you subtitles to it:

"Silent Night"

Bowling For Soup – ‘Right About Now

Opposite their post-war porn of a B-roll montage for “From the Rooftops” a few weeks back, 90s Texas pop punk hearts go for ‘Murrica short and curlies here, taking shots at contemporaries Blink-182 while mounting a rallying whine for the hours wasted for The Man while all their friends “are getting fucked up right about now.” Meanwhile, the most awesome roll of drunkards falling down aside comic book punk lyrics makes the whole thing seem tongue-in-cheek – is this pro or anti party?

"Right About Now"