Boo! Not a single all Hallow’s Eve vid this week. Sad face. No matter, though, Best Lyric Vids comes through with the flyest, lyric-deviating, pavement-hugging album promo ever courtesy of Devonté Hynes, a hypnotic ink-blot curated by the boys of Motion City Soundtrack encouraging you to “get inside out,” and an instructional video on how to be a raging ‘Murrican by way of two Swedish drop-head DJs and some frightening images of the Land of Liberty’s finest. Plus some pop candy for the Kelly Clarkson and Jessie J fans. Rage on.

Blood Orange – ‘You’re Not Good Enough

Quite possibly the most fly album promo ever, Devonté Hynes pushes his new solo foray, Cupid Deluxe (November 18), with a slick loafer, pavement-hugging sidewalk strut, double-overlaid with trippy trail hypnotics and deviating from the lyric script in lurid, icy-hot cryptics. We pity the object of his dissatisfaction, but you gotta admit, ex-lover, this is mesmerizing:

"You're Not Good Enough"

Dada Life – ‘Born to Rage

Nothing like two Swedish EDM drop-heads to show us how fucking “born to rage” we are. There are like eight words to this track, so the ‘Murrica footage of strippers washing cars and WWF slams are kind of the star of the dubstep show, but that shot of the terminally obese man vibrating to a semi-automatic pistol with “USA” emblazoned across the screen is priceless:

"Born to Rage"

Jessie J – ‘Thunder

Star Wars meets SimCity meets thunder as text comes hurling at your eyeballs. Things get particularly cheesy when you get dragged into a gated-home with a copy of Jessie J’s album on a neatly folded bedspread. But if you dig disorientating text hurls and boring rooftop convictions, this here’s your a/v jam:


Motion City Soundtrack – ‘Inside Out

Roughing up their edges a wee bit, the Minnesota pop-punk vets shoot for the mirror-image, contrast-blasted moon here with a new single from their follow up to 2012’s Go, narrator encouraging his id or some recess of the brain to “get inside out,” while inkblot-ish rivers of black and white lead to all points of moderately entertaining symbolism:

"Inside Out"

Kelly Clarkson – ‘Underneath the Tree

Clarkson’s making her bid for Christmas charm early, pretty much rearranging the sentiments to Mariah Carey‘s classic, “All I Want for Christmas is You,” with a Saturday-morning cartoon of a feel of a yuletide pop revamp to stake claim on people over presents, that in the end, is twee enough to make it her own, soon to be playing at a Gap near you:

"Underneath the Tree"