Arcade Fire trump The Dark Side of Oz, an Indian twerk lesson disguised as a wedding, Katy Perry‘s silver word bullets aimed at love in its most purest form and more, as the week turns 43 in the year’s rollout of the best lyrics making sweet love to the best videos.

Arcade Fire – ‘Reflektor

A bold statement being made here with the audacity to use an entire landmark film as a vessel for the world’s longest lyric video to date. A history lesson wrapped in a film geek strut wrapped in a marketing push wrapped in genius. Maybe not as genius as The Dark Side of Oz. But that was hippie happenstance. This is like Arcade Fire’s own personal foreign film, bound together by the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice and the lyrics to an album debuting a handful of days out before it drops:


Katy Perry – ‘Unconditionally

Screaming from the rooftop cheesy, but cut black and white with ernest balladeering and tropes of the virtue that can save the world darting like silver bullets into thin air have a tough time meeting a heart they can’t tug. Or rather, penetrate:


Lady Antebellum – ‘Compass

Same cheese that Perry skirted in the end, except Lady Antebellum paint the town red with a cityscape adventure and a confetti banjo treatment lifting itself out from the shadows of trite with a compass metaphor for that same emotion and organ and virtue that can cure the world. The lyrics, though busy and jumbled in the city scene, work well, chameleoning with the sun and moon:


Gori Tere Pyaar Mein – ‘Tooh

Too much awesome to narrate in this Bollywood pop English-laced Punjabi crossover. “Booty shooty,” not even Googling that. “Tooh,” the same. You’ll figure it out quick at this wedding of the most ass-shaking greatness. It’s like the Indian version of the twerk, laid out in a wonderful instructional video with subtitles. No worries, “Everybody does it, and you can do it too:”


David Carreira – ‘A Força Está em Nós feat Snoop Dogg

Portuguese pop pedigree currently at number one on charts in his native lands teamed up with the one of Snoop’s aliases to ghetto preach a Star Wars-ian sentiment that the “force is in us,” “Big Snoop Dogg” dropping by, “doing this one for the kids,” as Carreira sets an example with everyone cultural icon from Mahatma Ghandi to Elvis, colored in rastafari red, green and yellow palates and block letters that could knock out Muhammad Ali, which actually does happen in this comically uplifting montage:

"A Força Está em Nós"