From tactical force titties to the dudes from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show‘s attempt to destroy the screen with text, Scott Stapp‘s angry love for himself to SKATERS‘ karaoke homage, week 41 of the Best Lyric Vids we deem worthy of your eyeballs cares not for government shutdowns and desires only your beautiful attention, you word lover, you.

Lady Gaga – ‘Aura

If you can avert your eyes long enough from those tactical force titties, and the Gaga’s tangerine-hair acting debut, this is a rather stunning piece of grindhouse eye candy punctuated with enough explosions and chunky, comic book fonts to tease the action comedic merits of the film it was written for, Machete Kills, while also narrating a tale of the ultimate femme fatale in tandem:


Heidecker & Wood – ‘Getaway Man

‘Bout damn time someone spoofed the downside of the lyric video standard – that is, the jarring design that plays audiences for illiterate fools. Subtle in their faux-country sonic approach, comedians Tim Heidecker and Davin Wood (Tim and Eric Awesome Show) parlay their humor into a typeface assault that looks like  someone’s copy of MS Word went haywire, while the narrative drops hilarious ‘Murrica plot shifts like so:

"Getaway Man"

Parquet Courts – ‘You Got Me Wonderin’ Now

Eclipsing their just-rollled-off-the-couch panache is this little Pac-Man ghost-led singalong about the blues, and one’s understanding of it changing in the face of different depths of heartache, while distorted visions of mother nature provide the background. If the recorders and feedback weren’t trademark apeshit, you’d think these twenty-somethings are growing up or something:

"You Got Me Wonderin' Now"

SKATERS – ‘Deadbolt

Warner Bros.’ recent pet punk project, NYC-based SKATERS – why has it taken this long for a band to be called SKATERS? – pick up the torch The Strokes dropped in a destroyed hotel room of their youth with this noir homage to karaoke wrapped around a chain and deadbolt metaphor. It has been said that this is a dream of lead singer Mitcheal Ian Cummings – to make it into a karaoke machine. Congrats Cummings, with the help of director Bill Richards, you’ve fooled us into thinking this happened 30 years ago:


Scott Stapp – ‘Slow Suicide

Scott Stapp angry! (At himself). Gotta give it to the dude, a.) for continuing to try and erase the damage done by Creed with a second solo album, and b.) for open-chesting his battle with substance abuse and general shitty human behavior. Could do without the Megadeth sonic imprint and the contemplative centerfold shots fading in and out ad nauseam, though:

"Slow Suicide"