Throwback footage of the Bay area, the minutiae of the human cell and Bowie‘s distiliation of everything a lyric video strives to be, as the Best Lyric Vids of the Week hits its 40th volume of 2013, sometimes, if we’re lucky, capturing the distilled beauty of ‘sound and vision’ together and so happy for forever.

David Bowie – ‘Sound & Vision

That 58-second dining room piano treatment of the Thin White Duke’s ’77 classic that he signed over to a Sony smartphone ad, due to popular Bowie fandom request, is seeing an official release. Remixed by composer Sonjay Prabhaker, it’s quite beautiful actually, paying homage to the instrumental it originally starting out as, while capturing the “electric blue” beauty of the wonders of “sound and vision” that eventually were laced in, before it became a synth-pop party-starter. Matching its distilled roots is this pulsating sonic wave trailer flashing sentiments like a heart-beat monitor:

"Sound & Vision"

The Head and the Heart – ‘Another Story

The ultimate .gif ever unfolds around a cliche, but endearing tale of a Mumfordian love ballad from The Head and the Heart’s forthcoming Let’s Be Still (October 15) aimed at lifting a heavy heart out of the trenches of darkness, lyrics captioning sunsets and West Coast portrait dances like an Instagrammers wet dream. Or rather, bottle of anti-depressants:

"Another Story"

Thirty Seconds to Mars – ‘End of All Days’

More epic videos have been wrought by Jared Leto’s Hollywood players rock band – see the footage they procured from NASA for “Up in the Air,” – but combining a song hinging on faith, not love, as the object of the human hope desire, with macro-lens lava lamp-esque pacing of blood and cells, and a set of perfect lips, curiously, ain’t a bad trip:

"End of All Days"

Cher – ‘I Hope You Find It

The blind leading the blind with this Sweet’n Low melted-cheese soundtrack trash for a teen drama with no significant addition to the conversation on love, The Last Song. Miley Cyrus cut the first slice when she was 17. Cher, in a glaring ploy to bridge generational gaps in time for her new record, Closer to the Truth, put her self-serving wizard vibrato over it and had her label string together this sorry excuse for a video that appears to have been made with a greeting card app:

"I Hope You Find It"

Twin Forks – ‘Cross My Mind

It appears as though Chris Carrabba is done wailing anti-folk Dashboard Confessionals, rallying a pop folk crew to exercise his take on the whole whistle and heel-stomp movement. “Cross My Mind” specific seems incubated in a lab made for an iPod commercial, marrying throwback Bay-area footage of transportation pans with a serif silent film feel teasing a budding romance:

"Cross My Mind"