Indie ivy leaguers make the champagne pop and lyrics ding-a-ling, Matisyahu shoots the pop moon, Aesop Rock melts comic-sprawled brains with a rubik’s cube boardgame maze and more in week  week the 19th in the year’s best lyric videos. Because videos are simply better with sentiments scrawled in real time.

Vampire Weekend – ‘Ya Hey

Never ones for clarity, indie rock’s ivy league elite pay homage to their NYC stomping grounds in this cryptic champaign party that’s actually quite elegant, sexual even in a new century moden megalopolis way, as lyrics go from block to serif narrating a tale of something broken hearted perhaps? In that sense, the question mark is apt:
In the dark of this place
There’s the glow of your face
There’s the dust on the screen
Of this broken machine
And I can’t help but feel that I made some mistake
But I let it go

Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Prancer

Evidence of a farewell with the “swan song” intro? Perhaps. Either way the iconic Jersey mathcore screamarians pretty much nailed the disoriented thrasher vid, scrawling lyrics across the screen in nightmarish blurry whirrs, never really depicting a clear field shot. Then again, there’s some surprisingly pro-life sentiments laced throughout, in their own unique morbid, way:
How could it all be
We’ll never be dead
Just mirrors running scared
Slicing wrists while we look for our own mortality

The Uncluded – ‘TV on 10

Making Kimya Dawson‘s twee talk-singing tolerable, Aesop leads the pack on this sprawling, refreshing comic-text maze in which viewer discovers rhyme and reason in real time, navigating rubik’s cube, stream-of-consciousness sentiments like a board game in the end. Boring crossover project not, one, bit:
You were in the hearts of the pos
se you were raised in
Spoke of in the same breathe as powerful and brave men
Learned life outta death, live with his friends
Five in the den with the TV on 10

Matisyahu – ‘Live Like a Warrior

Dude’s come a long way from the bearded hasidic reggae rap of yore. This is some Pac-Sun pop candy, floating around some odd mosaic that is warrior only in the sense of those cheap bicep tattoos bros get that flare out like the ‘w’ in Wu Tang. But faux embers make sense, and one can’t argue with a positive message like so:
You give your heart they go on attack
When there’s nothing left for you,
Only thing that you can do, say
Today, today, live like you wanna,
Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire, in a fire, in a fire,
Fight like a warrior

The Maine – ‘Love and Drugs

Ah, to be young and from some era where reel-to-reel is still used. Despite the tired love and drug metaphors and the Counting Crows plug, the space on this black and white gem is superb, combined with fragile, sinewy handwritten verses and a bedroom capsule scene:
Debilitated feelings
Sprawled across the bed
She’s spinning
‘Perfect Blue Buildings’
While I’m counting crows inside my head