Skylines, old-school tube television, faux-graphic novels and in a celestial move none of us could have predicted Jared Leto’s pet rockstar project, Thirty Seconds to Mars, to pull off – NASA sanctioned footage of space – play host to sentiments of all sorts of rad colors this week, as we corral another ’round up of the intranets’ best use of lyric and video.

Dido – ‘End of Night

Weepy trip-hop icon, Dido, returns with this biting breakup single from a her fourth effort, Girl Who Got Away, preaching “it only takes one lie to bring this house down,” among other cynical sentiments on love. Why she chose to splay the heartache over a city backdrop with floating neon lyrics is beyond us. It’s like Sex and the City meets Batman:

I feel nothing when you cry
I hear nothing, see no need to reply
I can smile now and turn away
Come over here so you can see me walk away

Major Lazer – ‘Watch Out for This (Bumaye)‘ 

In the torrid wake of an album – Free The Universe pushed back from its official release date twice with no explanation, Diplo‘s dancehall side-project, Major Lazer, throws this bone to the intranets, splicing a graphic novel treatment just slightly less cooler than “Get Free,” but equally entertaining, with a reggaeton, Marvel-esque ‘kapow’ of an homage to mashing up lyrics:

Watch out for this
I give my best lyrics
Ya’ll know me now, number one finalist
Mess up the place

Rico Blanco – ‘Ang Tangi Kong Pangarap’

Without translating, the allure of this Filipino pop star intrigued us something early 80s. The over-the-top Casio-threaded soap-opera cheese is perfectly paired with this old-school tube television. And Blanco’s got some interesting influences, ranging from New Order to Kraftwerk. Five-minutes on one of those Google translators later, we have discovered the song title means ‘my only love’ or something endearingly close to that. Fun times in analogue land, particularly this hook about ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ something:

Manalo, matalo
Tayo parin

Thirty Seconds to Mars – ‘Up in the Air‘ 

Jared Leto’s pet rockstar project, formerly known as ‘30 Seconds to Mars‘ put out a crazy ambitious single to promote their fourth album, Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, commissioning NASA and SpaceX to blast the damn thing into space. As part of the deal – would love to know what Virgin Records dished out for this – the band was given footage of Earth from the International Space Station, to which the Leto crew laced their Muse-ish tale of “the better version of yourself” to the luminescent glow of life from above. Not bad Jordan Catalano, not bad:

I’ve been up in the air
Is this the end I feel
I’ve been up in the air
Chasing the dreams so real

Stars – ‘Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It‘ 

Canadian indie-pop stalwarts, Stars, plucked their mod-Cure gem from 2012’s The North, to also make like Thirty Seconds to Mars and host some sentiments in space, seeing as though they share the same celestial band title theme. Except Virgin Records clearly didn’t bankroll this project, and a smorgasbord of digital text strobing takes computer stage, here, playing with themes of loneliness and love:

Take the weakest thing in you
And then beat the bastards with it
And always hold on when you get love
So you can let go when you give it