Last week we crossed our fingers something twisted hoping we wouldn’t have to bring up the Mayans again, but we just couldn’t help it with this arms-in-the-air faith hallelujah reassurance that people – we aren’t done yet. Otherwise, we’ve got “country fresh” trailer-park-isms, OMG SMH-isms, and Bollywood-isms to chew on for days this week ’round. Warning you now – put down your phone:

Snow Tha Product – ‘Fuck Your Phone’

Ft. Worth, Texas ‘femcee’ Snow Tha Product, as team official SXSW 2012 referred to this 23-year-old hip-hop upstart, is swelling amidst the underground with a few mixtapes and an entertaining brat-rap that never gets too shrill. Combined with the power of YouTube and a slick animation assault, all y’all with one hand in your pocket and the other one blasting a twitpic just got served:

So fuck you
Fuck your phone
Fuck your social network
I’m a go out in the real world as a real girl
You hang ten your net surf

The Angels – ‘We’re Not Done Yet’

Not to be confused with snarling Aussie pop-punkers of the same name, this heal-the-world off-shoot is a faith-based supergroup of sorts, corralling five seasons of singers from its South Florida TV show counterpart, Voice of an Angel, to show those Mayans, oh, “we’re not done yet,” friends. Ever wonder if EDM would crossbreed with Christian rock? Vintage-scrolling Earth heart-tugs is what:

If the skies are falling down
Pick them up and rise
‘Cause we’re not done yet!

Travis Barker & Yelawolf – ‘Whistle Dixie

Eminem protégée, Yelawolf, teamed up with Blink-182 stickman Travis Barker on the recently dropped Psycho White EP. Unfortunately it doesn’t improve Yelawolf’s “country fresh” trailer-trash-savant posturing, but merely dresses them in marching theatrics. Meanwhile, these lyrics in calligraphy post-bill form are tiresome:

Took that bite to bit the apple
You know me I’m hard to tackle
Break me down homie you wish
You couldn’t catch that fish with
Golden tackle

A. R. Rahman – ‘Elay Jelle’

India’s extension of Sony got busy today uploading a couple handfuls of lyric videos that soundtrack forthcoming Bollywood film, Kadali, about some God-fearing Christian fishermen. Set to debut in both Telugu and Tamil languages, the infamous A.R. Rahman, aka “The Mozart of Madras” took to crafting this choral-tribal gem for the Telugu version, that splattered in soda-pop bottle effects distracts us from ever knowing what’s being infectiously praised. We assume it’s about fish?

Oley iyyaaley theppalanne thoyyaaley
Gandumeene vallapatti moyyaaley

Alicia Keys – ‘Not Even The King

One of the more austere brushstrokes of Alicia Keys’ supreme singer-songwriter talent, a gem from her latest LP, Girl on Fire caught a lyric video treatment we missed back in the fall, that just about quantifies everything great about the medium – taking Keys’ ballad about the power of love over riches into new artistic realms, in this case a stop-motion watercolor sketchbook of relevant wonders and lessons:

Oh castles
Some people so lonely
What good is a castle
Surrounded by people
But ain’t got a friend that’s not on the payroll
Oh and I don’t care what they bring
They can’t afford what we got
Not even the king