Typewriters, more noir tales from Nick Cave‘s personal notebook, a NKotB return in, what else, a yearbook, an Etch A Sketch homage, some clever combination of image and text abound this week, friends. Bring on the “torpedoes,” join “Hannah Montana” on the “African savannah,” it all makes beautiful sense with verse and chorus scrolling before your very eyes.

Josh Ritter – ‘New Lover

ritterFinger-sweeped together like one of Paul Simon‘s finest Americana weavings, Josh Ritter’s hindsight doesn’t skip a typewriter clack here, in this perfect marriage of, well, a relationship that didn’t turn into a marriage and the brutal honesty of love’s past written in letter form:

I feel like a miser, I feel low and mean
For accusing you of stealin’ what I offered you for free
Oh it beggars the belief sometimes what thieves we lovers be

The Thermals – ‘Born to Kill

“Full Metal Jacket is one of my favorite movies, and [Joker] has two pins: one’s a peace sign and there other says ‘Born to Kill’,” frontman Hutch Harris told Spin recently of their sixth pop-punk effort, Desperate Ground (March 5). Explaining further that the song is about “someone who doesn’t enjoy killing but is doing it because it’s necessary.” Maybe not the most creative video to pair the thrash of an inner-struggle with, but the diffusing light gets by, as we learn about this enigmatic protagonist, here:

I was born to kill
I was made to slay
Unafraid to spill

Blood on the land
When you command I will

New Kids on the Block – ‘Remix (I Like The)’

No amount of cute girls and yearbook heartstrings can save this cash-in of a garbage comeback track for a band that should have never existed in the first place. As usual, it gets worse if you pay attention to what they’re saying:

No one ever knew she was a transformer
Went straight from a two
To an ‘I just want to own you’

Jillette Johnson – ‘Torpedo‘ 

Budding NYC pop starlet in the Florence Welch vien ditched an offer for The Voice to chase a record contract proper. Here we see her in supreme Lieutenant Dan heat, taunting torpedoes to do their worst. Why she chose to cutesy it up with Etch A Sketch kitsch is odd. But the creator did just die, so maybe it’s an homage?

So c’mon torpedo, do your worst
Get me right in the heart
Blow me up ’till you see my ghost
But I will not lay down in the road
I will not make it easy

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Higgs Boson Blues‘ 

The second-to-last tease from the ever genre-evolving Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds’ crew’s 15th effort, Push The Sky Away, before it drops on Tuesday (February 19), pulls more gems from his personal notebook to slow-roll some noir Americana that is pretty much what David Lynch would do if given a guitar, some paper and a pen. Except with a Robert Pollard kook kick. Hannah Montana scrawled into Nick Cave’s notebook – we have now satisfyingly seen it all:

Hannah Montana does the African Savannah
As the simulated rainy season begins
She curses the queue at the zoo loo
And moves on to Amazonia and cries with the dolphins