Lots of relationships between good and evil this week, from nordic grindcore icons Rotten Sound scrawling “useless slave” messages on animated walls to another gem from Snoop Dogg‘s evolution into Jah ‘lion’, in one swift flicker of a lighter tearing down east coast, west coast – every coast – in the name of “unity.” While Ke$ha wins the award for most subversive message of the week, as we dive into another gathering of the best lyric videos currently bringing your favorite songs to literate life:

Dustin Lynch – ‘She Cranks My Tractor

Tim McGraw rode the country horse last week with the all ‘murrican teenage anthem “One of Those Nights.” But 27-years-young newcomer, Dustin Lynch, is upping the cornfed sexual tension with a tale about a girl that some “country boy’s after” that, as Lynch repeteadly reminds over a banjo and fiddle dance, “cranks” his “tractor.” Cheeky in its own right. But paired with these little figurines and spelled-out punch-lines is just silly:

She got a kiss that’ll hit you like a heart attack
I got the rifle she’s got the rack

Ke$ha – ‘C’Mon

What evil human being confettied Ke$ha’s trash-pop heroine binge about thieving bodegas and one-night stands with kittens, rainbows and unicorns? Some pre-teen girl’s mind is melting right now. And the saddest part is every single rabbit-hole sentiment is plainly spelled out in bubble letters:

We been keepin’ it kosher
But I wanna get it on fo’ sure
Come give me some of that
Yum like a lollipop
Baby don’t be scurred

Snoop Lion – ‘Lighters Up’

Another single from Snoop’s ‘Dogg’ to Jah ‘lion’ transformatory forthcoming LP, Reincarnated, last week we caught an 8-bit text homage to some pretty hilarious hate-destroying lyrics from the contentious West Coast hip-hop talent. Funny what a little time can do to a former crip hooligan. Snoop Lion is tearing down all divisions in this dub-lighter wave of a sing-along here, “east side, west side, north side, south side, unified:”

Love and unity alone can get to me
Or if a girl need me

Rotten Sound – ‘Salvation

Speaking of hate, it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve come across some death from above gnar. Finland grindcore crew Rotten Sound have a new single from their forthcoming EP, Species at War. And it’s everything you’d hope for in a pessimistic chokehold of anti-religion thrash, complete with a maniacal scratched-text display, “until the starving maggots feast on [our] useless bodies:”

Salvation ensures the false belief
To all of you useless slaves
Until the starving maggots
Feast on your useless bodies

Mariah Carey – ‘Christmas Time is in the Air Again

And to restore balance to your sullied mind, consider this new yuletide palate-cleanser from one of R&B’s most indelible sweethearts, picture snow-white perfect with cascading, gooey “mistletoe is occupied” teases and twirling “memories.” Seems like it was a little rushed by the Carey PR army, though – where were you editor at :50 with the “Chirstmas” misstep?

Christmas shoppers glance at us and smile
‘Cause the mistletoe is occuppied