There really is an art to this, friends. This week, The Flaming Lips win. The Goo Goo Dolls lose forever. And some Arctic Monkey-esque punks from Cheshire flex some racy mussel, as well. Flames, pinwheels, nudity – just another seven days of creatives fueling our nerd love for type and lyrics. Or as a famous band of Byrds once said, “to everything, turn, turn, turn:”

The Flaming Lips – ‘Sun Blows Up Today’ 

As the Wayne Coyne circus gears up for The Lips’ 13th LP, The Terror, they put the iTunes visualizer to shame with this 3-D digitized meltdown – er, meltup, rather – as the psych-Atari bonus track twee rager attempts to live like there’s no tomorrow, e.g. – the sun blowing up. A wonderful thing of phantasmal color, for all y’all cube-trapped suits:

Don’t stop, punk rock, too much fun today
Run and run and too much fun today

Matt Costa – ‘Good Times

For your inner realist, this biting horn-blast of a permanent “good times” hangover floats sentiments in sudsy and pinwheel mosaics that twirl right and clever with that fleeting moment you see a come-down in your future but decide to, screw it, and burn baby, burn. Dude should hang with the Lips’:

Baby we’re running out of money
Honey we’re running out of dough
Let’s blow it all in a fiery bash
And the rest we’ll put up into smoke

Fit For a King – ‘Warpath’ 

Opposite the parties Costa and The Lips’ are slinging, enter Fit For a King here to be the damn enemy with all the usual metalcore cliches – fire, gremlin screams and shots of dead trees. The sharpening of the pitchfork though, goes to these sweet shaking text effects:

My words may cut like daggers
But I wasn’t put there to keep my thoughts inside
I am the enemy

Goo Goo Dolls – ‘Rebel Beat’ 

Man did these guys sell the fuck out. I mean, “Iris” and “Slide” were a couple of overwrought slices of alt-rock cake, but they soundtracked some legit teenage angst. This sounds like a middle-aged The Wanted. And the smorgasbord of strobing neon fonts with no particular direction just makes it even more infuriating:

Life can hurt
When it gets too real
I can hold you up
When it’s hard to deal

The Virginmarys – ‘Dead Man’s Shoes‘ 

Hey hey now, we get it, y’all want to be the Arctic Monkeys, right? Joke, joke. Angular staccato punk rock abounds, no doubt, but these fresh snarls from Cheshire distance themselves with some stellar scribing. Tinged with the doomed luck of an old Twilight Zone episode, these ‘dead man’s shoes’ bring nothing but pain, but their protagonist lusts for it. While the pinup girl montage doesn’t hurt the narrative one bit:

I want you more than happiness
So I guess I’ll do what I choose
Hey girl, lay off my dead man’s shoes