mattyBLots of lover’s laments rolling out this week, in one of the shake-outs of breakout season, it seems. So goes the general m.o. of popular song, though. There’s something about seeing these heartaches play out in animated text though that make the ebb and flow of hearts trivial. Such is why we’ve got an eight-year-old kid block-lettering “word to your mother” to keep things grounded.

Muse – ‘Supremacy

museThe fourth single – nay, decree – from the epic grandiose rockers’ latest, The 2nd Law weaves some ominous sonics, naturally. And the Bond-ish quite moments of its dark angelics pair nice here with the gritty, strobing digital assault of black and white indiscernible figures, until they start cueing the word map graphics. Then again, cosmic nerds will get off on it:

You don’t have long
I am on to you
The time, it has come to destroy

Miranda Lambert – ‘Mama’s Broken Heart

Texas heart Lambert skewers the vengeful broken-hearted here with a biting sense of heartland wit and blood-let rockabilly that does the country world proud. Could do without the magazine-cliping images of piles of makeup and a mirror, but the frenetic type that flows across the screen in scrawling lipstick-color synch does just right:

Word got around to the barflies and the baptists
My mama’s phone started ringin’ off the hook
I can hear her now sayin’ she ain’t gonna have it
Don’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Jubilee Street

A companion lyric video to Cave’s “We No Who U R,” the parent single from The Bad Seeds’ forthcoming 15th effort, Push the Sky Away, marries the same genius telegram-ish aesthetic as this new second string-lulled burning cigarette unfolds into a spurned fire. The recipient of this letter is a lucky individual, despite the trauma involved:

But here I come up the hill pushing my wheel of love
I got love in my tummy and a tiny little pain
And a 10 ton catastrophe on a 60 pound chain
Pushing my wheel of love up Jubilee Street

MattyB – ‘Turn it Up’

Where to start? He has a “(Dance Break)” written into his lyric sheet. He has to be only like seven. How old are you lil’ hip-hop Bieber? Who produced this? Dr. Warrio? Let’s get something straight here, we’re not hatin’: keep making that “bass go boom” wee odd future internet gen. And watch that baseball finger:

I can flip this frontwards, flip this backwards
It don’t matter flow so absurd
Blow your speakers Yes sir for sure
Rocking the beat that word to your mother
If this your jam (this your jam)

Elijah Blake – ‘XOX’

Secret Def Jam scribe Elijah Blake took some time off from penning R&B and hip-hop magic for Usher and and Rick Ross to cut his own EP, Bijoux 22. This is the first jam from said project, a pining ex-lover’s lament about just, not, letting go. The high-contrast sketches of the Chicago skyline make good company with the graffiti-etched flow. As does Common’s big-brother assist, he being from Chicago and all:

How do I tell her
I don’t love her like we do
I’m still in love with you