Ever see a neon bar sign wholly dedicated to a lyric? This stuff happens in the dreams of country pop stars. Elsewhere, we’ve got some great lengths being chased here in the second week of the lyric video machine. And new material from millennial David Bowie is just the beginning. Have we told you recently how much we love lyrics in art form?

David Bowie – ‘Where Are We Now?

Celebrating his 66th birthday in somber nostalgia, the Thin White Duke put the kill on a decade-long hiatus with the announcement of a new record and this first single, in which he looks back on his glory days in late 70s Berlin from the claustrophobia of his studio and envisions two headed puppets scrawling grainy enlightened messages. Welcome back, Bowie:

Where are we now?/The moment you know, you know, you know

Hollywood Undead – ‘Pigskin

If for some reason you’re not convinced of this shock-rap crew’s absurdity by the time this faux-Zach Galifianakis character makes it to the bathroom for a solo belly jig, there’s always a midget Mr. T. waiting for you at the end. Meanwhile, the athletic lettering on sentiments telling all haters to go and beat their meat is throughly BRO-vado entertaining, as well:

Nibble on your ear like my name is Mike Tysie
Get you in the ring world champ all feisty

Matt Pond – ‘Love to Get Used

Like a voyeur trip through someone’s endearingly eccentric relationship scrapbook of old postcards and photos, there’s not a moment in this montage that feels lyric video-contrived, which is always a choice use of the medium and that much more effective when our protagonist burns all these mementosos in heartbreak effigy:

Black bird, from the blue
I give my love to get used
Our hopes come true
You give your love to get used

Blake Shelton – ‘Sure Be Cool if you Did

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 1.25.17 PMHow can you expect anyone to get sentimental with heartstrings being tugged across cheesy-ass messages on liquor bottles, man? And who the hell drinks “pretty pink lemonade” shooters? Final question – did y’all really foot the bill to get legit neon signs construed into custom lyrics? That’d actually sure be cool if you did:

Now you’re standing in the neon looking like a high I wanna be on
Baby it’s your call, no pressure at all

Itch – ‘London is Burning’

This here is an angry young man. It’s a shame said anger overshadows the verse or two with actual commentary behind them. Then again, maybe that’s the point – pure anger at the fact that “London is burning,” – or was when the 2011 riots were aflame – and its misfit youth “don’t give a fuck.” Conversely, the Uprise Creative-directed production is perfectly volatile, with flaming, deteriorating lyrics strewn across Itch’s cubical of rage:

London is burning
We don’t give a fuck
Barricade the roads
The city’s run out of luck