You’ve got your resolutions all in order, yes? Yeah, us either. No matter – ‘nother week of text and song for you to get your distractions on. Upside down crosses, brand name celebrations, the remnants of a notebook mysteriously strewn across some trees, oh the art of the lyric video just gets curiouser and curiouser.

The Pretty Reckless – ‘Kill Me’

A little gnar alt-rock femme fatale project from Interscope, New York’s The Pretty Reckless are following up their their 2010 debut, Light Me Up, with this tease from their TBA sophmore effort. It may be about vampires. It may be about “lost souls.” It was definitely part of the final season of Gossip Girls. And seeing these bad girl lyrics about meth and the shadow of death aside upside down crosses is entertaining:

So with a wink and a smile and a vile of meth
I took his hand and we walked through the shadow of death
And then I try to remember all the advice that my teacher told me

Deer, Daniel – ‘Maybe, Baby’

Dressing up their Dashboard-y shot at acoustic sentimentality, these budding Texas hearts did good shrouding some of the more wincing moments of coming-of-age drama with this low-light, stop-motion game. But you’ve got to start somewhere. And they’ve already invented a word on urban dictionary, so things are looking up:

What’s the big deal of being somebody in such a small town
You think you’ve won but you haven’t won anything and you’ll just be let down

Jessi Malay – ‘Bougie’

Opposite Kreayshawn‘s denouncement of Gucci and Louis, Jessi Malay, for lack of a better lady-rap term, is the veritable ‘basic bitch,” proud of her diamond-encrusted tag-poppings. Not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying your cash. But at least make a better club-banger with Warner Bros’ money – maybe one that doesn’t read like a text. And maybe a video that doesn’t look like a TV show advert:

Fashion week
New York
Sitting in the front row
Where you at?

Paradise Fears – ‘Warrior’

How did this production meeting go? ‘So we take sheets of loose-leaf paper, right, and staple them to trees…at some point there will be a letter with a little heart for a stamp.” We’re a fan of low-budget just as much as anyone else, but c’mon six kids from South Dakota just trying to make it on your own in this crazy crazy world, you could have done better. Now all we can think about is how much you sound like a yankee, church-youth group choir emulating Coldplay.

There’s a soul, there’s a pulse, there’s a warrior
There’s a hole where my heart used to be
Now I’m filling it up
With all the things I’d always said I’d be

JME + Wiley – ‘Banger’

Self-prescribed “grime ambassador,” London’s JME teamed up with fellow Londonite Wiley to kick out the ‘banger’ jams on this mildly humorous take on a kind of lifestyles of the self-made grimesters tale, JME and WIley trading faux-menacing one-liners about doing “it like swoosh, Nike on a riddim,” in a flashy world where Air Jordan Flights are still boss. The best part, though, are the awesome old-school Microsoft Windows ‘bang’ assaults:

Yeah, JME and Wiley it is
We will just keep strapping these bars
‘Til you catch the drift like Japanese cars