Louisana-based educator Kristin Chavis talks about her rap-incorperated curriculum in her classroom; Photo: KSLA News

We’ve all heard about the Three R’s, reading, writing and arithmetic. But now educators can add a fourth ‘R’ to the equation: rap. Kristin Chavis, a ninth-grade biology teacher at Green Oaks High School in Shreveport, Louisiana has been lauded for incorporating raps into her lesson plans.

It started when Chavis was faced with the insurmountable task of teaching a year’s worth of Biology in just three months. According to Chavis the information wasn’t sinking in, but instead of sulking she got creative and went to work. “The old way of learning is out,” Chavis told KSLA news. “It’s outdated.”

Chavis writes the lyrics and produces the beats. She even has her own YouTube Channel where she raps about concepts like Homeostasis, the Endocrine system and biogeochemical cycles. The original idea was centered around the circulatory system. Chavis said that the hook came to her first and the rest simply fell into place: [LISTEN]

Everybody needs blood in their circulatory system
No blood in the system I know you prolly miss ’em
Capillaries in the lungs bring it back to the heart
It leaves from the heart and goes straight to the arteries

Since embracing rap in the classroom, Chavis has seen a drastic improvement. Retention rates have gone up, and students have responded warmly looking at Chavis as someone who is willing to relate to them on their level. The only thing left to do now is give her what she deserves and start paying her as if she were actually a rap superstar.

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