Every once in a while some minds on the internet do some good with the great communicator and poll all the misheard, misused, abused lyrics of all time. Perhaps to take some heat off of this whole Thom Yorke tiff, or just for kicks, Swedish streaming juggernaut Spotify rallied up 1,042 people to disseminate on their confusion for timeless questions marks such as Jimi Hendrix‘ “Scuse me, while I kiss this guy,” and that Manfred Mann’s Earth Band song from Blow that is all “wrapped up like a douche.” Spotify people submitted some good ones. But they also failed to mention the great ones, of which we point to contender for our all time favorite, Robert Palmer‘s “Addicted to Love,” misheard beautifully as:

Or on a much more timely level, Daft Punk‘s summer sparkler, “Get Lucky,” in which its lauded “phoenix” doesn’t make it to the all-night dance-floor but rather:

And who can forget “open condom style?” But whatchya got, dear readers, we want to know what’s your favorite misheard verse that didn’t make the Spotify list?