Second Honeymoon:

The giving Swedes over at Spotify are giving Americans a second “honeymoon” of unlimited streaming until further notice. Launched a mere nine months ago stateside, the plan was to cap free subscribers at ten hours per month, whereupon said users can either wait until the following month or sign up for a pay-per-play service, like every other country with access to Spotify. Though we apparently mob-ruled ’em into the following decision: “We’ve been so overwhelmed by the US response to Spotify that we’ve extended the honeymoon for unlimited free listening,” the company said in an email to Hypebot. What would Patrick Carney say?

Fab Theatre: 

One of only two songs wholly owned by John Lennon and Paul McCartney‘s estates, mop-top standard “Love Me Do” is set to get musical treatment in tandem with the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Beatles song in London. The story? You see, these four dudes from Liverpool go on and make it something large. Producers of the “theatrical concert,” Jamie Hendry Productions, are promising performances of “Twist and Shout,” “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude,” combined with video footage, dubbing the show “Let It Be.” The show will run from September 14-January 19, 2013 at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London (via Reuters).


A British “gang” of 11 conspirators orchestrated an elaborate iTunes heist that generated over £1m between January 2008 and June 2009, buying their own music with stolen and fraudulent credit cards to receive royalties from Apple, reports the BBC. Attempting to evade the digital music giant’s radar by making purchase under £10 at a time, folks in Cupertino, California investigated when royalty payments were in the same payout realm as Madonna. So how long before an artist at Madge’s level assembles a racket like so?


One of jazz icon Louis Armstrong‘s final performances before his death in 1971 is set to see an official release via Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Performing for close to a half-hour at a party for the National Press Club in Washington, the evening was pressed to a limited run of 300 copies for journalists who attended, of which one copy was sent to the Library of Congress and would later become the seed for today’s distribution, upon the approval of the Armstrong estate. The album, dubbed Satchmo at the National Press Club: Red Beans and Rice-ly Yours, will have five tracks from Satchmo – “Hello Dolly,” “Rockin’ Chair,” “Mack the Knife,” etc. – as well as six other tribute tracks performed that same night by Tyree Glenn (via the New York Times).


Parachute pant-untouchable MC Hammer turns 50 today. And yes, despite blowing all his cash, is still all the more “Too Legit to Quit” than you. Though if you need more convincing:

‘Cause you don’t want none
I hustle for my muscle and you look weak, son
I’m join’ for all that I can get
Kickin’ at the stop ’cause I’m too legit to quit