I get that misogyny exists in our society. And being one with the lady parts, I am very sensitive to this fact. It’s a sad reality, but I deal with and fight against it as best I can (much in the way others address such problems as homophobia, racism, and religious intolerance). And so, when I see such bold strokes of female objectification displayed so prevalently in a song – one where a woman is referred to only as “bitch” or “ho” and ordered to “hop out, walk the boulevard” like a prostitute – I am inclined to believe that the person behind said song is either 1) ignorant to the ills that plague our society or, 2) is simply an immeasurable asshole. An asshole with a teeny tiny penis.

“Rack City” is by no means the most offensive song to ever hit the air waves. Much more offensive (and worse) songs have come before it. If you don’t like it, the solution is to just not listen to it. Ain’t America great like that?  Because under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, we all have the protected right to Freedom of Expression;  meaning that Tyga is free to sing “Rack City” (and shoot this horrendous video), just as I am free to say it is lowest common denominator crap. That’s the beauty of our democracy.

The song begins with unprecedented wit:

Rack city bitch, rack, rack city bitch
Ten ten ten twenties on ya titties bitch

I am moved. Clearly, the tune is a piece of unsurpassed lyrical eloquence. That is, of course, if the definition of lyrical eloquence is, “crass, juvenile language mixed with an insufferable amount of undiluted misogyny”. But wait! That’s just the top of the song and it certainly doesn’t end there. The lyrics then go on to explore the nuanced sexual interactions between the song’s star and his ladies:

Got my other bitch fucking with my other bitch
Fucking all night nigga we ain’t celibate

I am blown away by the originality. Let’s be clear: this is a strip club anthem (yawn). One that gets a lot of air play in such establishments. And that is just fine.  It’s atmospheric and those songs exist. But the point is that no one who works at any such place should ever be called “bitch”, “ho”, whore or anything even resembling those words. You don’t know their life!  But back to they lyrics. I would be remiss if I failed to mention this poetic gem:

If you ain’t got no ass bitch wear a poncho

Thanks for the unsolicited fashion advice offered to women everywhere. We will not be taking it. Look, I am not a prude. I like a dirty song as much as the next person (that list is soon to come). And I am not offended by the use of profanity in music. Anyone who knows me knows that I curse like a well-versed sailor (a fact my mom, I’m sure, is certainly proud of).  It’s the sheer denigration of women here that blows my mind. Many may counter my statements by arguing that the song is great because it has one badass beat. An on that note, I concur. But one awesome bass line is not enough for me to endorse an evolutionary step backwards.

But, hey! Did you know that “Rack City” is actually making a valuable contribution to society? Did you laugh when I wrote that? I sure did. At least that’s according to rapper Wale (who is featured in the remix of “Rack City”, along with Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, and T.I.), who was kind enough to offer up some words in support of the song. He said – I kid you not –  “I think it’s important that we continue to make songs like this, because it’s very beneficial to so many young women across the country. The strip clubs are stress relief. Welcome to Rack City!”

Oh! So that’s what this is about. It’s really about helping women. See, I was confused by the repetitive and derogatory use of the word “bitch”. I guess that was just misdirection on the part of the lyricist. Misdirection from what, I can’t be sure. Perhaps from the lack of creativity and talent?

Make no mistake, I am not advocating that musicians – nor artists nor entertainers of any stripe – censor their their work because they are worried that they may, at some point, offend someone. But this is a song that is both offensive and doesn’t even rise above amateur hour in its offensiveness. It feels like it was written by some dude who’s never gotten a girl and needed an excuse to make a video where he had lots of hot ladies crawling all over him. Wait…did I just stumble upon something?

In closing I am simply going to quote YouTube video commenter Jessiebabes321 when he/she said: “This porn has sh*t music.”

Tyga’s “Rack City” – Official Video

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