Country music began by building songs from familiar components – chord progressions, rhythms, particular phrases, etc. It quickly became an insider genre that celebrated itself and those who knew the game. It’s no surprise that modern pop-country both continues that past and spins it in a new way.

The newest iteration comes with “Truck Yeah,” the new single from Tim McGraw. He lays the country pride on thick in verse and chorus:

If you like it up loud and you’re hillbilly proud
Then you know what I’m talking about
Let me hear you say, “truck yeah!”

The superstar is aiming for another hit with three-and-a-half minutes of rock-infused singalong material. It’s hard to not picture the chorus being sung loud and off-key by a cowboy-hatted crew in McGraw’s idyllic pick-up.

But “Truck Yeah” opens with a riff so generic it could be the opening credits of Guitar Hero and the first line name-drops Lil Wayne. This is a song for a time when country music has grown past the South and the farmland:

Rap or country, city, farm
It don’t matter who you are
Got a little fight, got a little love
Got a little redneck in your blood
Are you one of us?

“Truck Yeah” is big-money pop star country laid bare. Whether you like it or not, it’s spreading. And McGraw aims to give it an anthem. But it’s becoming a question whether big-money country has lost all its roots now that McGraw has made it for everyone.