I’m a chick. A dame. One with the lady parts. So naturally, when I go to a party with a bunch of my girlfriends, I arrive wearing nothing but my finest lingerie and my highest of heels. And at these parties, my really hot straight girlfriends and I have pillow fights, splash around in the hot tub, play spin the bottle, and randomly make out with each other in front of some really gross guys with (probable) dicks the size of cashews.

Oh wait. No, that’s not right. That’s what happens in the music video for the latest single from Chris Brown. Now before you all hate me let me just say: I understand that having scantily clad hot ladies for set dressing is the de rigueur for this type of music video. Those two things go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly, or CNN and drop-the-ball journalism. And so my criticisms of it – a video that I would find offensive to women if it weren’t so unbelievably hilarious – will certainly fall on deaf ears.

Now, I am sure there are some out there who will insult me for being a hater and say I have a problem with the R&B superstar (full disclosure: I do. Acts of domestic violence and throwing kiddie tantrums after an appearance on national television tend to make me think that Brown is an insufferable dick). But I don’t know the man personally and I may be wrong. Yes, some may attack me by saying I am simply jealous of the women in this video. Again, not the case. I’ve got a good body, complete with all my original parts (a triumph for living in LA!). And being in LA, I know something about the entertainment industry; therefore I can safely assume that these women had a terrible time making this video, so I feel for them.

All of this is besides the point. I’m simply here to review the song. Speaking of which…

Do we really need another ditty about strippers? No. I mean, I know it’s a revolutionary concept and all so…yawn. Yeah, “Strip” is generic.

That said, I will concede that this song is very very catchy with a sexy beat ripe for use in the clubs. It has an infectious musical arrangement and though it lacks obvious depth, it is a song that will inevitably be played on the radio relentlessly, which makes me sad; there are so many talented musicians out there who could (and have) done better with this type of song; not to mention, performed it with a less loathsome reputation in tow.

Chris Brown feat. Kevin McCall – Strip (Official Video) from Marvin Vibez on Vimeo.