Good TimeI know you remember that “Fireflies” song from a couple years ago. And there’s no way you can’t know this years big thing “Call Me Maybe.” Well, is it really all that surprising that the current surprise Billboard star might be paired with the recent past’s surprise Billboard star? And of course when that happens the collaboration has to be a diabetes-sweet single about good times.

Enter “Good Time” – the new single from Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. It’s the song you’d expect from two artists who made a boat load of money unexpectedly. Or maybe from record execs looking to make a boat load more. Oh the carefree life of the rich and sterilely produced:

Freaked out, dropped my phone in the pool again
Checked out of my room, hit the ATM
Let’s hang out if you’re down to get down tonight
‘Cuz it’s always a good time

The song can be summed up pretty simply: life’s good, don’t worry about little things like lost iPhones and let’s go party. But it’s more family birthday party than 70’s Led Zeppelin. Jepsen and Owl City ooze backseat sing-a-longs – they even claim a natural tendency:

We don’t even have to try
it’s always a good time
Woah-oh-oh-oh, woah-oh-oh-oh

I suspect more effort went into this “Good Time” than they’re letting on – but listening certainly doesn’t require any: