Here’s the deal: “Girl Gone Wild” isn’t worse than “Give Me All Your Luvin’“. It’s not drastically better, though.

Madonna’s haters can clink their glasses yet again in honor of another mild effort from Madonna’s team. People who claim that the woman is “too old” to be still making music can celebrate the fact that her second single from the upcoming MDNA (due out March 26th) is merely a decent record at best. But haters will always hate. And as Madonna matures, she can be viewed as a rotting vegetable or a fine bottle of wine. It’s all dependent on your outlook.

On the bright side, Madonna’s true fans can hold onto what’s great about “Girl Gone Wild”. Produced by power dance music creators Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi, the record is a definite club anthem that is sure to be rocked through dance parties everywhere. It is extremely trendy, lying amongst the greatest dance-pop tunes thus far in 2012 because of its promising beats and exciting words. From intro to outro, it channels spicy-classic Madonna, rhyming words like “hypnotic” and “erotic” but also recovering newer Madonna we heard in Hard Candy with its beats and pop-heavy styling.

This new single is as hot as the Queen of Pop’s body looks in its album artwork. Its fiery, fun and riveting rhythm will get people on their feet. It wants you to have fun, so we encourage you to give in to the pressure as you give in to its irresistible anthem quality.

Madonna’s second single just lacks the proper hook that is easy relate to. Dance anthems never fall too deep lyrically, so it shouldn’t have been hard for her lyricists. It also needs a ring that’ll get stuck in your head, but that might not be in the cards for “Girl Gone Wild”. Regardless, “GMAYL”‘s follow-up is crucial to the success of MDNA. Once club promoters and DJs get their hands on the track, it’s sure to become a hit at dance clubs regionally.

“Girl Gone Wild” has a different approach toward reaching the top of the charts, but it doesn’t excel much further than “Give Me All Your Luvin'” did. MDNA‘s first single pulled out all the stops it needed in order to promise it the success it earned, featuring it at the center of her famed Superbowl half-time performance for starters. It also brought in shuffle-stepping hip-hoppers LMFAO and Nicki Minaj, but the underdog featurette M.I.A. stole the feature presentation with her now-infamous bird flip toward the camera. These all helped the single rise to number 10 on the charts, but even featuring a reincarnated Michael Jackson couldn’t have saved the song’s laughable demeanor. The lead single, though it had every element fans look for, (even the essential “bubble gum pop” we talked about in our initial review), was destined to fade away quickly.

Producers should always remember that when aiming to target gay fans, they should remain gender ambiguous. “Girl Gone Wild” has lyrics that definitely reach toward a female crowd that embrace their inner freak, especially with words like these:

Girls they just wanna have some fun
Get fired up like smokin’ gun
On the floor til the daylight comes
Girls they just wanna have some fun

Madonna’s team is lucky that Madge’s gay fans have been supportive since the 80s and will be faithful to her efforts through everything. Let’s hope they pull through to make “Girls Gone Wild” better than its predecessor.

Check out the official lyric video here.